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We work with a small number of clients.

They all have their own personal goals and objectives, but they all have the same qualities which make them an ideal fit to work with us.

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Richard E. Reyes

Richard E. Reyes, CFP®, The Financial Quarterback™ provides sleep well at night solutions for retired and near-retired individuals through comprehensive retirement plans customized to each client’s needs.

It’s not only about retiring, but more importantly about formulating a plan to stay retired.

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We are a financial planner, investment advisor, and coach.

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Investing For Beginners
David Forman

Investing For Beginners

Investing can seem a challenging world to break into, or even understand sometimes. There are ETFs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs…and who could forget the

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Why & How to Retire Early
Richard E. Reyes, CFP®

Why and How to Retire Early

Are you faced with (or hoping for) an early retirement? Then you’ll want to do your homework to learn how to retire early without hurting

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Are Annuities Worth It?
Richard E. Reyes, CFP®

Are Annuities Worth It?

Most financial advisors either love them or hate them. Are annuities the right retirement option for you? Are you planning for retirement? If so, you

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