When we say we work for you, it is NOT a slogan, it is a literal fact. Our mission as YOUR advisor is to provide a personalized plan and process which will allow YOU to sleep well at night.

There are no sales incentives or kickbacks of any kind for our services. We work for YOU, literally and legally. We are paid only for as long as you wish to retain our services, so we strive to demonstrate our value each and every day. We are proud of our role as fiduciaries, providing support and service with the objective of achieving your financial goals.

  • We are paid only by our clients to perform our duties. If your “financial planner” is compensated by the investment or insurance company they work for, whose best interests does he really have at heart? Most of our clients compensate us directly through fees; therefore our only real incentive is to add a tremendous amount of value to your financial planning endeavors – first, last, and always! Insuring the client’s best interest is always our primary focus.

  • We minimize all of your investment cost. Lower costs and expenses directly benefit your investment performance.

  • You will never wonder if what we recommend is in your best interest or ours. This maximizes our objectivity.

  • We get paid only for as long as YOU want us to advise YOU.

  • Our fees are fully disclosed. Complete transparency is the key to our success.

  • We may offer select services at a flat rate or hourly fee.
If you’re using a national or regional brokerage firm (Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, Edward Jones, Raymond James, Ameriprise, etc.), we’ll probably save you a lot of money in hidden fees and expenses. Most people are shocked to see all the hidden fees and expenses they are paying, but never knew about.

When you are ready to STOP worrying about YOUR future and begin sleeping well at night: