Retirement planning is about more than just managing investments.

We work with a small number of clients to help them make intelligent choices about their money.

We only work with individuals whom we believe we can make a significant impact to their lives.

They all have their own personal goals and objectives, but they all have some commonalities which make them an ideal fit to work with us.

  • YOU ARE A FINANCIAL DELEGATOR: You appreciate, and are willing to follow, the advice provided. By doing this, our clients are able to spend their time and energy in ways that provide purpose and significance.
  • YOU ENJOY SIMPLICITY: Our clients turn to us to provide them with a comprehensive roadmap for their retirement and the freedom, simplicity and peace of mind that comes from having all their financial assets working together under one plan.
  • YOU SEEK THE TRUTH AND CAN HANDLE IT: Our clients desire to know the TRUTH about investments: free from rhetoric and bias. They are tired of following the traditional methods of financial planning which confuse, frustrate and are driven by products and commissions.
  • YOU ARE EITHER RETIRED OR CLOSE TO IT: Our clients are fairly conservative investors who place high value on making sure that they have a plan and process in place that will allow them to stay retired and less emphasis on taking high risk in an effort to generate maximum return.
  • YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL, HAPPY, AND LOVE YOUR FAMILY: Our clients have a life purpose that far exceeds just increasing their assets and wealth.
  • YOU VALUE OUR WORK TOGETHER AND ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR OUR SERVICES: Our clients are comfortable with our services and fee structure. Most of our clients initially thought we were expensive. They discovered we were definitely not a cost, instead a wise investment.

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