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Years ago I was working diligently doing my job as an investment advisor, wealth manager, or financial planner (I was never sure what to call myself back then). As far as I understood it, my job was to search for investments that would generate above average returns for my clients. That’s what the entire industry was built on and really, that’s what clients thought they hired me to do. Now think about this for a moment…the entire industry is based on the idea that their job is to find the best investments, and in the process, they are “killing the investor” and keeping YOU from meeting the challenges of being able to retire and stay retired.

When I realized these implications, my entire job and mission changed. I realized that investment success is not at all about skill—it is about having a process, a plan, and good behavior. Financial planning does not end nor begin with the words, “Buy, Sell or Hold.” My real job and passion is to help YOU create sleep well at night solutions in order to not only help you retire, but to make sure YOU stay retired.


More Great Things About Me

I received my formal education at the University of Florida and completed the Certified Financial Planner Professional Education Program at the University of Central Florida. In addition to my professional qualifications, I am active in the local community and have served in ministries, associations, and community organizations. I am frequently asked to speak and teach workshops on various financial topics to corporate groups, individuals, professional organizations, and business owners. If you want me to speak to your group make sure to click here to find out how.

I have contributed in authoring portions to the following books titled The Dirty, Filthy Lies My Broker Taught Me and 101 Truths about Money and Investing, The Complete Guide to Investing in Annuities, and The Mutual Funds BookRemarkable Retirement and Perpetual Retirement Income Machine and have been published in various magazines, newspapers, and local television such as Fox 35, Real Estate Broker Agent, Senior Advisor Magazine, Seminole Success, Orlando Business Journal, and Central Florida Business, Wall Street Journal, BankRate.com, and various others.

I am married to a fabulous wife, Marcia and have two wonderful boys. Lastly, we make our home in the #1 city as named by Money Magazine – Lake Mary, Florida.

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