Your Feelings Can Be Expensive

by Richard E. Reyes, CFP

Imagine an advisor coming to you with an investment plan which sounds something like this….when times are good, when stocks are higher in price, and you feel good…we are going to buy because we want to make sure you feel good. And, of course, when times are bad, when stocks are bad and they are going down and you feel fearful, we are going to sell and go to cash. Because it’s always more important that you feel good.

I am describing it sarcastically and it sounds ridiculous – Right? But that’s actually what people want to hear, what they have come to expect, and what most of the financial advisors and many in the financial industry preach that they can do. Read More

Is Financial Planning Worthwhile?

by Richard E. Reyes, CFP with sincere appreciation to Carl Richards for his insights

I have never had a financial plan for clients that has been right. Its not because I am a bad financial planner but because our life is not lived based on assumptions input into a computer and printed on glossy pages in a binder. Life happens to us all. However, here is what is truly vital about financial planning. Read More

Buy Low / Sell High on Autopilot

by Richard E. Reyes, CFP

Everyone has heard of a simple strategy “buy low/sell high” meaning sell equities when prices appreciate and buy them when their prices are low. Easy right? Anybody can do that. Well frankly, it is simple to understand, but harder to do when you’re caught up in the stress and excitement of investing. Read More