by Richard E. Reyes, CFP

If you are watching this video you obviously know that the world did not indeed end this past weekend. The more time that passes and I am in this great business the more I am absolutely amused not only by peoples behaviors but by their concerns and questions on certain things. It even seems there is often a big disconnect between the questions people ask and their true behavior.

Now don’t get me wrong, I encourage clients to question as well as have concerns. But undoubtedly, I get asked one single question every single time I meet with someone and we put together a plan. This is a question that I think God in his infinite humor at some time programmed us to ask over and over again. And no matter how much we know that it is very very difficult for it to actually happen. People ask it anyways.

The famous question is: So what happens to my money if the market goes to ZERO?

I find this question interesting because although there have been many times that an individual stock has become worthless due to company bankruptcy or other matter, in order for an entire stock market to virtually hit ZERO would mean that every single company, economy and monetary organization in the world has nothing left. If that indeed was the case, your money, gold, silver, cows, pigs or chickens would be pretty much meaningless at that point because it would mean that nothing had a value.

Barring the end of the world it would be virtually improbable for the market to hit ZERO. And this is the case in point.

Just recently Harold Camping, a preacher from Oakland, California was predicting an end of world event to occur this past Saturday May 21 at around 6 pm to be precise. Up until 6 pm on Saturday, I was expecting to get phone call after phone call from concerned clients wanting us to remove all their money from any investment because that improbable “end of world” event was set to occur. I never got a call. What happened?

Listen there is no shortage in this world of prognosticators and/or experts, especially financial planners, wanting to not only predict markets but world events. We can all get caught up easily believing these people because as I mention in my book, Dirty Filthy Lies My Broker Taught Me and 101 Truths to Money and Investing we are constantly seeking someone to foretell the future for us because some how, some way it will make us feel better about ourselves.

As a financial advisor myself, my own view is that at least 99% of predictions need to be disregarded. The reality is that at the end of the day NO-ONE really knows where economies and/or world markets are headed. I certainly don’t. But you don’t really need to. If you concentrate on the formulating a plan and understanding the basic fundamentals in order to better understand how this plan and the investments in the plan will allow you to create the life you want to live, then the predictions of someone who is not even involved in your daily life, thoughts and purpose should have no affect on you.

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