Here are 3 keys that when combined with what I do can lead to a really happy retirement.

When it comes to being retired research suggests there may in fact be specific steps you can take to enjoy a more rewarding post-career life.

Research after research shows that those with the most guaranteed and reliable income are the most happy in retirement. Many folks these days don’t retire with that much guaranteed income other than social security. Taking a part of your portfolio and creating a plan that will do just that in your retirement is what we do to make you happy.

However, the rest of your happiness will be dependent on what you do since they will be outside of my control but from experience with my own clients, I can assume the following:

  1. Those who spend more time having fun are happier. This means shelling out money for more leisure activities and travel. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be massive events.
  2. Your personal relationships. How close you feel to family and friends can also affect your retirement. Most importantly how you get along with your spouse.
  3. Doing all you can do to stay healthy. You can improve your shot at a happy retirement by staying healthy. Of course you don’t have absolute control of your health but there are a number of things you can do to reduce the chance that illness or physical problems will cause problems in your retirement.

My work with you will provide much needed help you attain some of the last 3 things we mentioned. However, there is only so much I can do. Like everything else in life a lot has to do with you.

Lets work together at a very happy retirement.

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