Don’t wait to call me. It may be too late. Here are a few events when it’s important that we communicate.

Just to let all of you know that I get paid to work with you. It’s a lot easier to call me to go over issues and concerns, and maybe even explain something you don’t understand, than to keep to yourself until it causes a major problem we can’t fix.

I recently received a phone call from a very nice lady who wanted to meet with me because she was really confused about her current investments. Mind you she wasn’t a client of mine, however, she didn’t want to call her financial advisor because she didn’t want to sound dumb. I knew her advisor and recommended that she better call him.

We are not here only when you win the lottery or get an inheritance. We are also here for everything in between. Here are a few reasons to call me:

  1. Change in marital status or death. Whether that’s divorce, marriage or death, the all cause major financial implications.
  2. Change in jobs status
  3. Issues involving your kids
  4. Relocation to another state
  5. Starting, closing, or selling a business.
  6. Wanting to pay off your house.

Let’s just make it easy: Call us anytime your issue involves dollar signs.

These are just a few life events that should prompt you to call me, but another great reason is when you are ether concerned about financial markets or have questions about your plan.

We’d much rather have clients call us at such times than make emotional or rash decisions that don’t serve them well and might later be hard or impossible to turn around.

The value of the hand-holding we provide can be tremendous. So, we welcome calls anytime you feel the need.

Lets chat about your personal goals