Money solves many of lives problems. (Maybe not ANY problem, but it can solve A LOT of problems.

What is Money?

Money is a social construct that has been used to facilitate transactions for thousands of years. It’s a symbol of value—whether it be for goods or services—that can be exchanged for other goods or services. Money is a means of exchange, and it’s also a store of value.

The most common form of money is currency, which can represent different types of currency such as cash and credit cards. But you’ll also hear about other forms of money like stocks, bonds, and commodities (such as gold). All these things are considered money because they have value that can be exchanged for something else.

The most important thing to remember about money is that it’s only valuable if people agree on its worth. If everyone decided tomorrow that they didn’t want paper bills anymore but instead wanted to trade them in for gold bars, then all those pieces of paper would be worthless—literally nothing but pieces of paper!

“Money can’t buy Happiness”

It’s a lie that has been repeated over and over again until it became an accepted fact. We hear it so often that we don’t even question it. But we should. Because money can buy happiness.

Think about the thing’s money can buy and the amount of happiness it can bring to you and the ones around you. It can buy a trip around the world. The ability to pay someone else to clean your house every week so you have more time for yourself (or for friends and family). A home big enough for you and your family to live together without having to share rooms or even bathrooms! The ability to work less and still earn enough income to support yourself and those who depend on you financially—that freedom is priceless and also can make you very happy!

It is true that there are some problems that money cannot solve, but it’s also true that the majority your “life” problems can be solved by money. For example, if you have an illness then money can be used to pay for medical care or treatment. If you don’t have enough food to eat, then money can be used to buy food. If you need to travel somewhere quickly and safely, then money can be used to buy a car or plane ticket. The list goes on and on!

Money solves most problems and can purchase a lot of happiness. It’s safer to say that lacking money creates stress, which leads to unhappiness and problems.

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