Let me tell you what the downside of social media is and why its destructive to your portfolio, especially for younger investors.

There is plenty of data and math available in reference to investing that’s pretty solid. No matter how much institutions and traders try to manipulate this information, the time-tested rules are always going to win out over time.

Today its very easy for some 20 something to get on Tik-Tok, form a channel and tell you how they are making $20,000/week trading Crypto, trading stocks or options and if you buy their training course, they will teach you how to do the same.

Here’s the problem:

  • If they really knew how to make $20,000 per week trading Crypto or stocks, they wouldn’t be selling this information.
  • There are ZERO amazing investors who got their investment knowledge by downloading a video from a 20 something year old.

You are not going to make any money over time trading Crypto or meme stocks or options. This is not a long-term path to success. You will likely lose a lot of money.

Remember boring is beautiful in investing.

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