At the core of the investors dilemma is fear of the future.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to investing and why most investors struggle to get good returns is what we call the Investors Dilemma.

The investors dilemma is a cycle that not only applies to investing but too pretty much everything else.

The core of the investor dilemma is, the fear of the future. What we do because we are all afraid of the future, is that we try to predict it. However, we all know that the future is unpredictable. This never seems to stop us from looking for that source or expert; that financial, economic, or political pundit that is going to predict it for us.

The news knows this so they bombard you with nuisance and misinformation. They also know you will always be back since they have performed medical studies which prove that there a part of your brain that craves this constant fear, and it NEVER SHUTS OFF.

Here is what you MUST understand about humans, politics aside, the facts show that over time things actually don’t get worse they get better.

As people we are born, we learn to crawl, walk, graduate from high school, college, work, get promoted, and so on. All around the world we are constantly trying to better ourselves. You see this in innovation, business, communication, technology, lifespan, and even wealth is improving all around the world. All these things move our lives forward. When we realize that we are constantly trying to get better (and actually are), then maybe you can reduce your fears and become a better investor and retire happy.

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